Wednesday, November 28, 2007

gerry's fandom

given the fact that the college football season is winding down, and will be becoming more sporadic once these coaching vacancies slowly get filled, i thought it might be a good time to address the direction of this blog. although ncaa football/bama football will always be the main focus of uncle rico, his interests extend well beyond. in the offseason, i will post interesting and funny stories from all sports (and some nonsports), some of which will focus on the teams of interest to me. so the next logical question is, who the hell are those teams?? well here they are...broken down into levels of interest. each team is listed by amount of interest within that given level as well. feel free to question, but before you do you should know i have very strict rules for both myself and others about whether or not one is "allowed" to be a fan of a team or not.

level 1 fandom-these teams cause me to lose sleep, have arguments, watch games while standing on my head if i think it will bring them luck, and develop ulcers. (added note: my bama fandom is for football, men's hoops, and baseball in that order. i don't give a shit about anything else)

level 2 fandom-i frequently, though not religiously watch these teams on tv. i keep an eye out for their highlights on sportscenter/local news/etc, and always have knowledge of their place in the standings/transactions/etc. though disappointed when they lose, it doesn't cause the mental and physcial anguish of the level one teams.

level 3 fandom-i follow these teams pretty casually. i want them to win, but am only upset for about 3 seconds when they don't. even so i can generally rattle off any key information regarding these teams.

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