Thursday, January 31, 2008

emmitt smiff do not talk good

all season long emmitt smith and his butchering of the english language has been a punchline to me and my friends. his "emmitt-isms" have also gotten quite of attention here in dallas, but lately it appears to be a nationwide phenomenon. the boys over at ksk even have a pretty good recurring feature in which they come up with some hilarious emmitt speak. well i'm not clever enough to come up with shit like that, so i'll do like every other idiot and use youtube. for much of the season i couldn't find video of this (believe me i was looking), but now there's quite a bit of it. enjoy.

and now its reached a point that jimmy kimmel has even made a montage in honor of emmitt.

HT: awful announcing

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college hoops quick hits

-kansas state's michael beasley likes to run his mouth. "we’re gonna beat ku at home. we’re gonna beat ’em at their house. we’re gonna beat ’em in africa. wherever we play we’re gonna beat ’em." well on wednesday night he backed up his words in beating the jayhawks 84-75. all beasley did was drop 24 pts including 4-4 from behind the arc (at 6'9" 235 lbs) only solidifying his claim to best player in america.

-after suffering through a slight mid season slump, the ags came out and stomped a mudhole in the 'horns last night. this game was never even close and though i planned on watching, i lost interest quickly. aggie coach mark turgeon says "to think where we were a week ago, the world was coming to the end. it was good to bounce back.

-and the lsu tigers finally broke into the conference win column last night by beating auburn on the road. auburn has has quite a week losing to both of the shittiest teams in the sec (bama and lsu). john brady lives to fight another day.

-you may have seen him on sportscenter over the last couple weeks, b/c bama freshman senario hillman is a beast in the open court. check him out.

HT: tsib

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

its officially official

after days of "oh yes he is"..."oh no he's not," fresno state's oc jim mcelwain has officially been named alabama's new oc. from what little i know about this guy, i'm psyched about this hire. no doubt there will be more info to come on this, but its always a good sign when the school he leaves hates to see him go.

"mcelwain’s offense at fresno state averaged 419.5 yards per game (38th nationally) and 32.9 points per game (32nd) last season. that was a significant increase from the 2006 campaign when the bulldogs averaged 338.2 yards per game in total offense and 23.0 points per game in terms of scoring offense."

i know this isn't mcelwain...but pat hill's 'stache is just so damn sweet

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tony romo loves metal skool...jessica simpson loves beer

i think we've all seen the video of romo singing with metal skool along w/ mr. belding. well a couple nights ago mr. romo was at it again, only this time he had his trophy girlfriend with him. as with many a man, the poontang seems to be dragging him down. he was not quite the performer he was the first time around. and jessica...well she's just wasted...which is so hot. one can only hope tony took advantage of her lack of inhibitions later that night.

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zeke knight

some sad news developed out of tuscaloosa yesterday afternoon. after monday workouts, linebacker ezekial knight was admitted into dch hospital, treated, and released later monday. "i really can't get into a whole lot of detail concerning zeke knight at this time due to student privacy laws and out of respect for him and his family," bama spokesman jeff purinton said in a release tuesday. more info is expected to be released when the results of the tests come back. this is especially notable b/c knight has already had surgery to repair a heart murmur. we can only hope this doesn't have anything to do with that. i am personally a big fan of knight b/c he started his career at wr, and has since converted to lb given the logjam at the wr position. he was a very solid contributor this year and looks to be a big part of the defense in '08. get well soon zeke.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ugliest blazer competition

tonight, at 8pm (cst), on espn, there is a distinct possibility you could see two of the ugliest blazers on the planet. although the odds of both gottfriend and bruce pearl bringing their fashion a-game are probably not very good. speaking of a-game, if bama doesn't bring theirs they are going to get their asses whipped. bama did pop their conference cherries over the weekend by rolling up auburn 97-77, and looking pretty damn good doing it. this highlight video from that game makes this season's performance thus far all that much more frustrating. talent and athleticism at every position, but not very many wins to show for it. winning a game like tonight's would go a long way to giving the atletic department a reason to keep gottfriend around long enough to coach his top 10 recruiting class next year.

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go pats!!

i should hate the patriots. see, i'm a dynasty hater...i hate the yankees, i hate the lakers, i hate duke basketball, etc. lord knows the patriots give people their fair share of reasons to hate them. number one on my list would be their arrogant coach and his asshole attitude. not to mention that everyone on that team sucks belichick's pecker so hard that they have become little belichick mini me's in terms of their press conference skills and what not. however, there is one team in the patriots equation that i hate way more than them. the giants?? nope. the motherfuckin' 1972 doplphins. every year they become more and more arrogant about something they did 35 years ago. and who is the leader of this crew of has beens?? mercury "cocaine is a helluva drug" morris. this asshole is of the idea that no matter what the patriots do on sunday, they CANNOT join the elite status of the '72 dolphins.. "they win on february 3, and they're the second-best team in the history of the nfl," said morris. "we're the first team...if they win, they're going to be the second team." i'm not one for punching 61 year old men in the adam's apple, but mercury would be the exception. sad, broken down, old men living in a past where they were once great, with nothing to offer in the better than polk high standout al bundy kickin' his letter jacket or this blog's namesake uncle rico. so i say go pats. lay a beat down on the giants and shut these loud mouths the hell up.

like him or not, romey hits the nail on the head in this one.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

What the Saints should do

Well that year sucked didn't it? They got your hopes up in 2006, only to bring them crashing back down to the dark, depressing realm we know as the reality of following the Black & Gold. But they did throw in that exciting 4-0 streak after the 0-4 opening run. Got you feeling pretty good didn't they? Them BAM, they gut punched you by giving the Rams their first win, blowing a game to the Bucs and whatnot. All in all, pretty standard. But I have to give it to the Saints for that diabolical scheme. Normally the Saints do it all in one year. This time, they went for a two year plan.

Now, we all know the Saints are serious about winning. Last year was just funning around, a prank. And since they're serious, and since Payton hasn't returned any of the 47 missed calls on his cell from me, I'm forced to talk about the plans for supremacy here.

The New Orleans Saints currently stand somewhere around $22 million under the cap. Our secondary sucks. Our offense is explosive and among the best in the league. O line depth wouldn't hurt. Another quality linebacker (replace Shanle or Simoneaux) or d lineman would be nice. Our secondary really sucks. Now, McKenzie, my favorite Predator in football or in the movies, did aight. So did Roman Harper, for the most part. So what to do?

Take some of that money and offer Alan Faneca the starting LG spot for the Saints. It would only take a bit more money to sign him than to resign the guys who are up for resigning on the line. Faneca would bring in All-Pro (Hall of Fame even) skill and championship experience.

Then go get Marcus Trufant, CB with Seattle. Some are saying that the Saints need to draft another CB (they drafted Usama Young in 2007). This, frankly, is bullshit. Cornerbacks have the second longest learning curve in the League, behind QBs. The Saints can't afford to invest more time in another corner, results/performance is needed now. So go get Trufant, a very capable player. Some would say get Asante Samuel of the Patriots. I think he just re-signed and I don't think he'd be a good fit for the current climate of the Saints. Trufant can shore up a weak passing defense immediately.

So who to draft? I learn towards the Phillips kid from Miami. Safeties can make an impact fairly quickly and I just don't think Bullocks is getting it done. That linebacker from Southern Cal, Keith Rivers, might be a good pick as well. And I think that the Saints might have some freedom to trade down and still get a defensive playmaker they want.

So there you have it. I'm sure this will somehow get to Payton, the Saints do it, kick ass and we're all happy. And I did it for free and out of good will. You're welcome.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

honoring the bear

as i've said on this blog before, i'm not one of those bama fans who perpetually brings up/lives off of the past glories of bear bryant. not to mention, 95% of that glory took place before my birth. the bear died 25 years ago today just 28 days after coaching his last game for the tide. in his 25 years in tuscaloosa, bryant brought home 6 national titles and 13 sec titles. whether you love or hate bama, there is no denying the impact bear bryant had not only on the sec, but ncaa football as a whole. a list of articles paying tribute to the day.

-tuscaloosa news: 25 years later, the legacy lives on

-tuscaloosa news: players and coaches reflect

-birmingham news: close friends remember the bear

-birmingham news: takes a look back

-fox 6 birmingham: footage from special reports and the bear's funeral

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Friday, January 25, 2008

ncaa quick hits: lsu hatorade edition

-apparently terrelle pryor was just joshing about being interested in lsu. even though i don't think it was very likely he was going to lsu anyway, this is nice to know.

-superstud recruit patrick johnson will not be able to enroll at lsu until june. this of course due to his act score being flagged by the ncaa clearinghouse in regards to a spurned urban meyer calling him out. dirty pool my good man.

-where does john brady think he is?? coaching in his local little league?? "we want to ask people to create an environment for them, in the last six home games, of support and understanding." in other words, "fans...lsu fans at that...please be friendly and courteous to our suck ass squad we keep running out for you." i personally am very anti booing your own team, but c'mon john. brady also heard one of the deadliest words there is for a coach from an ad..."evaluation." that often spells death at year's end.

-who is the biggest lsu douchebag you know?? c'mon...we all know at least one. well are they douchey enough to buy one of these?? if so, do me a favor and punch them in the adam's apple for me.

well i don't hate EVERYTHING about lsu

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the cowboys love famous blonde poontang

remember that seinfeld episode where jerry was "even steven?" he throws $20 out the window and then finds a $20 in his jacket pocket?? well apparently the cowboys are "even steven" too. tony romo (stupposedly) dumps jessica t.o. owens attempts (and probably succeeds) to bang paris hilton (i mean how hard can it really be?). the two were spotted together at the ghost bar here in dallas a couple nights ago. this team is 1 white house and some cocaine away from being the mid 90's cowboys...without the championships of course.

EDIT: apparently jessica is pissed about the false reports, but said she could never stay mad at gerry dorsey.


and goodbye???

and don't forget this

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

the coolest sunfire in dallas

stars rookie matt "nisky" niskanen gets his pontiac sunfire "pimped" by his teammates while on a road trip.

HT: the sturminator

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sic'em bears

baylor continued to be a pain in the ass of the aggies last night as they took down the aggies at home in 5 ot's. it was the longest game in big 12 history complete with 226 combined points, 8 players fouling out, and 106 free throw attempts. the loss was the third in a row for the ags, taking them to 1-3 in conference play after cruising through non conference play. meanwhile the bears are 4-0 in conference and ranked for the first time in 40 some odd years. pretty impressive for a program who just a handful of years ago had players murdering each other. as for the ags, i'm curious as to how this season plays out. the students appear uninterested, and first year head coach mark turgeon is already getting a little chippy...

"I know no matter what I do, if we win, Gillispie is getting the credit," Turgeon said. "And if we lose, it's my fault. I'm in a no-flipping-win situation this year. And that puts me in a bad mood. I've got no chance this year."

and that was before last nights loss. be careful ags, you don't want to slide back into basketball mediocrity, much like a certain ncaa hoops team this blog has a rooting interest in.

fear baylor

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

yaw yaw yaw yaw who dat?!

if i can't have the orgeron in the sec, then there is only one other place i'd want him...a coachin' da dee line for da new orleans saints. is he ready to coach in the nfl?? shit if i know. but i can't think of any other d-line coach hire that would excite me so much. yes kids, the south lafourche fighting tarpon is coming home. "i want to help the saints get to the super bowl." slow down ed...history is not on your side.

what will smith (no not that one...the other one) sees in his nightmares

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lazy recruiting post

i really hate recruiting/national signing day. its dirty, underhanded, sneaky, and an inexact science. every year a bunch of "experts" get boners by ranking players and recruiting classes. does it even matter?? well i'd rather have a top 10 recruiting class than a 60th ranked recruiting class, but i'm not sure how much it really matters in the grand scheme of things. just ask coach o, xavier lee, the boise state team that beat ou, etc, etc. that being said, national signing day is exactly 2 weeks from today. so here is a quick look at the nonsense at this point.

-the "experts" over at rival take a crack at predicting where some of the top uncommitted prospects are going.

-one of the "experts" over at the wwl gives you the scoop on their top 10 uncommitted recruits.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

slovakian hockey

how much you wanna bet hockey has better ratings and attendance in slovakia??

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ncaa quick hits

-is ucla poised to challenge usc in the pac 10?? well i'm not sure about that, but between hiring slick rick, and now norm chow as oc, they are at least making their most impressive moves since pete carroll came to town.

-a bcs championship brings a feel of "big business" to lsu football. not only are ticket prices increasing, but the additional costs on premium seats is seeing an increase as well. the thing i actually found most interesting is that it appears they are considering taking away a small amount of student tickets. it doesn't sound like a huge deal, but many schools (bama in particular) are constantly fighting for MORE student seating. students at bama would be pissed.

-the alabama oc situation. the saban says he wants his staff finalized by national signing day...that leaves him about 2 weeks. so who are the candidates?? georgia southern hc chris hatcher insists he isn't a candidate, but everyone else insists he is. nebraska oc shawn watson is said to be a candidate, but if he is it appears noone has told him. michigan qb's coach scot loeffler apparently interviewed with the tide, and then accepted a job with the detroit lions. and after sunday's loss, green bay qb's coach tom clements' name is being mentioned. this leaves tide fans throwing any and all names around as possibilities. between the staff vacancies and national signing day, it should be an interesting couple weeks.

-katy, tx qb bo levi mitchell has decided to follow june jones to smu. originally committed to play for jones at hawaii, mitchell jumped at the opportunity to stay closer to home and stick with jones. so the question will undoubtedly come up once again...why would someone leave paradise for smu???

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Monday, January 21, 2008

this man must hate getting laid

people like to bust balls on bama fans (or any southern, crazy for football fanbase), but i contend that no fan is crazier than the northern nfl fan. pick a england, philly, cleveland, green bay, etc...they all have maniacs. as for this guy, no matter how many games in a row the patriots win, or how many titles they win, this guy is a fucking idiot. i think the sports team tattoo is the ultimate in ridiculous anyway, much less this one.

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championship weekend in pics

of course he is

lt might as well have stayed least he looks cool

maroney comes up big once again

"everyone's right...i am fuckin' sexy as hell"

couldn't happen to a nicer guy

-2 degrees?? packers fans just don't give a shit

did you see coughlin's face?? that guy is huring today.

the pack could not stop plaxico

"dumb face" is in the super bowl?? wtf???

favre's last stand??

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

tim tebow knows hoops

tim tebow was all over espn's college hoops programming on saturday. he kicked the day off by getting rece, bilas, hubert, and digger "hyped up" to do their gameday show. then he was constantly being showed at the game where only his righteousness kept him from making a woman out of erin andrews. i like how hubert gave the best reaction to the pep talk, and now immediately wants the video to stop being shown.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

something you won't be doing this weekend

is watching this movie. yes this movie is real. i first saw this preview in the theater about a month ago, and i kept thinking it wasn't real...but it is...and it comes out today. who the fuck would finance this movie???

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Hitler thinks Jessica Simpson is a bitch

This is quite similar to the mood at my house last Sunday. Sorry pricks!


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conference championship predictions

giants at green bay
holy shit is it going to be cold in green bay on sunday. forecast high?? 4 degrees. forecast low?? 2 degrees. wind chill?? -10 to -15 degrees. that makes my wiener shrivel up just thinking about it. i just think there are too many factors going against the giants in this game. the weather...they have a qb who is light years behind favre...the fact that they don't even belong in this game...etc. also, the packers have just seemed like a team of destiny. with the exception of that unexplainable ass whipping by the bears, they have looked pretty bad ass all year. fwiw, i'm throwing (and have had) my support behind green bay to win this whole damn thing.
green bay 30 giants 17

san diego at new england
this just in, philip rivers is a tremendous asshole. and he's not the only asshole on the chargers. you can check out fellow asshole igor olshansky a couple posts below. the patriots were going to win this game anyway, but now i hope they win by 35. depending on the health of rivers, lt, and gates, that may just happen. i think the patriots proved last week that any of the talk about them losing steam the second half of the season was bullshit. they kicked it back into high gear last week and beat a damn good jacksonville team that played a damn good game and still lost by 11. i can't see any way the chargers do any better.
new england 38 san diego 24

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

major applewhite...we hardly knew ye

although it is likely to be officially announced today, everybody already knows that major applewhite is heading back to texas. the article says he'll be assistant coach and running backs coach. the assistant head coach title at least makes a little more sense than purely rb's coach. either way, he obviously wasn't happy with the level of control (or lack thereof) he was given in tuscaloosa. as a tide fan my feelings on major pretty much amount to indifference. i knew the guy was a risk when he was hired more for his potential than present abilities. over the course of the season only one of two things is possible: a) he actually did have an influence over the offense and the qb's (his title was co-oc and qb's coach), and due to bama's mediocrity in those areas i won't miss him. or b) he had little to no real influence on the offense and qb's due to the saban and pendry (co-oc) keeping a tight leash on him in which case i also will not miss him. i have nothing against major, but i just can't think of any reason to beg him to stay. the recuit everyone seemed to be worried would care the most about major's leaving (qb star jackson), has said he's a solid committ with or without major. bottom line is i wish major nothing but the best. he seems like a good enough guy. the question is, who (if anyone) replaces him at bama???

ladies of austin beware

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high levels of sucktitude

the alabama basketball team extended their conference losing streak to 3 games last night. this wouldn't be so bad if the sec were worth a shit this year, but its not. last night they put up a whole 54 points against a very mediocre uga team (61-54). of course resident badass (on pace for sec player of the year honors) richard hendrix still went off to the tune of 19 and 10. i've been back and forth on gottfried so many times during his time as head coach that i don't even know where i stand anymore. the guy recruits his ass off (a top 10 class this year to a program not even on the map), but can't translate it into wins. bama nation is definitely restless with many already calling for his head. i'm not ready to do that just yet. given the weakness of the conference, they could roll up 5 straight wins at any moment...but he's running out of time. i'd like to see what he could do with ronald steele and his studly freshman next year, but he may not make it that long.

mark gottfried: mediocre coach, but he'll take it to the hole on any uncoordinated white boy in iraq

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

nfl quick hits: hittin' a bitch edition

-word is that jason garrett is the leading candidate for both the ravens and falcons. talk about a hot commodity. he was apparently offered the ravens job yesterday, but didn't accept. i for one would take the ravens job. though they were pretty shitty this year, they have some quality players in place, and more importantly seem to have a great front office. not to mention, i say the sooner you can get youself into the nfl coaching carousel/recycling bin the better.

-the off season pillaging of the cowboys continues (particularly by bill parcells) as the 'phins tell us what we already knew by naming tony sparano their new head coach. between sparano, ireland, and possibly garrett, the cowboys may have more holes to fill off of the field than on. was inevitable...but vince young has killed his first offensive coordinator as norm chow was fired by the titans yesterday. early dirty rumors have him returning to the pac 10 via ucla. norm was quoted as saying "it's going to take some patience" in regards to the titans offense. in other words, your quarterback's throwing motion resembles that of the namesake of this good fuckin' luck.

-in a story that i'm sure we've all heard, but still warrants mentioning, pacman jones has hit a a strip club of course.

-in somewhat related breaking news, someone is accusing randy moss of hitting a bitch. randy says he didn't do it. time will tell i guess.

-who the fuck is igor olshansky?? philip rivers may be loud mouthed asshole, but at least i know who he is. i'm not one to pull for the patriots, but igor (and philip) have made it very easy for me.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a few ncaa quick hits

c'mon you really want to deal with mcconaughey's annoying ass??

-the major applewhite to texas rumor has come, gone, and now come back again. word is he is going to interview today. i can't imagine he'd go given there isn't even a comparable position open on mack's staff, but who the hell knows anymore??

-the seat under bama hoops coach mark gottfried is getting hotter. only two games into the conference schedule, and a weak sec this year, he's got every opportunity to turn this thing around, but will he?? it doesn't appear he's lost his team, but he's losing fans by the minute.

-the swirling rumor mill now has qb ryan mallett at arkansas. probably not a bad idea. only problem is, after sitting out the required year, petrino may be coaching in the arena league or some silly shit.

-bama's starting center, and general bad ass antoine caldwell has announced he'll be back for his senior year. although not the kind of story to make headlines, this is huge for the '08 squad.

-an updated list of dudes declaring early for the draft. names that i find interesting (for various reasons) include:
martellus bennett-a&m
jamaal charles-texas
felix jones-arkansas
xavier lee-florida state
steve slaton-west virginia
kevin smith-ucf

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Monday, January 14, 2008

don't cry, dry ya eye

as i was watching t.o. blubbering on tv last night like a school girl with a skinned knee, i received a text message from the last dragon stating "there's no crying in football." i chuckled, and initially agreed. however, after only a couple minutes of thinking, i realized there indeed IS cying in football.

and of course, the greatest football cryer of all time...dick vermeil.

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playoffs in pics

now these are some true fans right here

this is who i'm pulling for to win the whole damn thing

the jags couldn't stop maroney

only one of the greatest days a qb has ever had

i fucking hate philip rivers

the walk of shame, though this loss wasn't his fault

one of these two men is about to cry in public

eli consoling romo...what has the world come to??

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Friday, January 11, 2008

stay hard greggo

WARNING: this is a very rare post that is extremely local in flavor and will not be understood by very many people outside of the greater dfw area...just a warning.

i was never a sports talk radio listener until i moved to dallas 6 years ago and my buddy told my i HAD to listen to the hardline 1310 the ticket. it took about a week of listening to begin to understand the characters, the chemistry, and the inside jokes, but once i did i was hooked and i'ver never looked back. once the hardline (evening drive) was in my blood, i moved on to the musers (morning show), and bad radio (middays), until the ticket was 90% of my radio listening...and it still is. a certain amount of that has to be credited to greg "the hammer" "greggo" williams. there is much mystery surrounding the departure of greggo, but most are in agreement that it has to do with his long battle with various addictions. in any event, though merely a formalilty, his departure was made official yesterday. i for one ran hot and cold as far as my fandom for greggo, but he is no doubt a big part of what originally got me hooked on the ticket. and now...a tribute.

HT: sturm's blog

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nfl playoffs week 2: his name's del rio edition

seattle at green bay
matt hasselbeck wants the ball and he's going to score. unfortunately for matt, i think the master is going to spank the student once again in this one. not only that, but apparently brett is leaning towards coming back next year. i for one hope he does.
green bay 24 seattle 21

giants at dallas
hey did you hear?!? tony romo was in mexico last week. just kidding, i'm not wasting my time or your time (or our time) talking about that dumb shit. much more relevant to that game is whether or not t.o. is 100%. if he's not the boys may be in trouble b/c whitten will often have to stay in to block those bad ass de's leaving romo with terry glenn (who's played about 2 quarters all year) and patrick crayton. have fun with that. i say the 'boys get it done with or without t.o...the question is by how much.
dallas 27 giants 17

san diego at indy
more injury questions surround this game. will antonio gates play?? or will a dislocated toe keep him on the sidelines. i think even if he plays he'll be ineffective. you can't just haul 260lbs around with a dislocated big toe. either way i don't think it matters, b/c phillip rivers sucks and peyton manning doesn't. lt will keep the bolts in it for a while, but he won't be nearly enough.
indy 31 san diego 17

jacksonville at new england
jacksonville is something of a popular pick this will whoever plays new england next week (should that happen)...but i ain't buyin' it. new england let a couple teams get close the last 4 or 6 weeks of the season, but this shit is for real. they know 16-0 doesn't mean squat if they don't win it all. i think the pats come out and look much more like the pats of the first half of the season. poor little mojo drew...poor little del rio.
new england 38 jacksonville 27

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

sucks to be a buckeye

--a couple post bcs cockpunches for the buckeyes

jim delaney needs to do something about those big 10 admission standards.

Tosu...what's your record against the sec in bowl games again??

-and apparently its not just the sec talking shit...the sweatervested one is taking some heat in ohio. turns out he's "one controversial pass interference call away from being john cooper." how ya like dem apples??

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kathy miles wears underwear with dickholes in 'em

about a week ago i did a post about how...ummmm..."unique" looking les miles' wife kathy is, but i had a tough time finding any good pics of her. well, nothing will demand the spotlight like a mythical national championship and ugly jackets.

somebody get that broad some horn rims

sing along with me know you know it
a lot of people say, "what's that?" it's pat!
a lot of people ask, "who's he? or she?"
a ma'am or a sir, accept him or her
or whatever it might be.
it's time for androgyny.
here comes pat!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

my final top 25

here's a look at my final top 25 rankings that were hastily thrown together (left), along with my preseason top 25 (right). i think everyone knows how much these rankings pain me, but i'm so tired of debating the bcs bullshit, i've pretty much given up.'re the champs of maybe the most flawed system in sports. you're right up there with the gold medalists of women's figure skating. and yes, i would be saying this no matter who won (though this result is especially painful) b/c this season was a fucking travesty. oh...and if you have, or plan on putting out a top 25 (or 10, or 5) for 2008 anytime between now and are a blowhard asshole. have fun kids.

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bowl recap by conference...look who's on top

sec (7-2): went about like i expected, except i expected tennessee to lose and florida to win. i knew from day 1 that mizzou would whip arkansas' ass.

pac 10 (4-2): a pretty good showing considering i considered most of their games toss ups, and i damn sure thought oregon would crumble before south florida.

big 12 (5-3): great showings by texas and kansas in particular, while oklahoma laid an egg.

big 10 (3-5): michigan puts up an amazing performance for a chickenshit conference. penn state barely beat a coachless a&m team, and illinois and indiana got their doors blown off.

acc (2-6): not all that shocking considering they were underdogs in most of their bowls. lost some really close ones with virginia and clemson and wake forest was impressive in beating connecticut.

big east (3-2): west virginia was the only team that really showed my anything, with connecticut and south florida disappointing.

mountain west (4-1): 4 pretty nice wins and air force narrowly missed beating cal.

c-usa (2-4): tulsa and east carolina were pretty impressive, while ucf missed out on a big opportunity to take down an sec team.

wac (1-3): a pretty nice win for fresno, but hawaii, boise, and nevada all looked pretty damn bad.

mac (0-3): two ass kickings and a loss to shitty big 10 team. nice bowl season. where for art thou ben roethlisberger and byron leftwich??

sunbelt (1-0): viva schnellenberger!!

independents (0-1): navy lost a close one to utah

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

do it with us at the line

let's not completely lose focus here...we do still have ncaa hoops. and just like clockwork, the conference schedule kicks in the day after football ends. if only this game really were going to be played at the flora-bama, it might be a little more exciting. i'm pretty sure the sec is really going to suck this year in hoops. i'm thinking ole miss in the west, tennessee in the east, and then just a bunch of dudes. nonetheless, the tide will be on espn at 8pm cst tonight trying to not look too shitty at home.

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i guess i was right about that loss stinging a little bit

a nice gesture, but he get's the score wrong. he must have gone to bed early.

he misspells "arena" bowl...but i think we get the point.

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congrats tigahs

well tigahs...i hate you...but you did what you had to do when you had to do it. you're the first national champ with 2 losses which i think says a mouthful...but that was a pretty solid performance last night, so i won't try to take it away from you. i do take solace in a couple of facts. a) i won money on the game. and b) at my core, almost as much as i hate lsu, i am an sec fanatic. so i'm glad the conference can claim another title...i just wish it could have been uga. as for you ohio state...damn that's gotta sting. you're collection of 2nd place trophies to the sec (don't forget basketball) is really getting quite extensive.

i honestly don't even think speed had anything to do with it...but it sure is fun to rub in the big 10's face

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Monday, January 7, 2008

june jones to smu...again

except this time it appears to be for real. after a couple days of going back and forth with officials at hawaii and smu, it appears he will sign on to coach smu for just under $2 mil a year, making him the highest paid coach in c-usa. way to go smu...and it only took you 70 days. as a person not ordinarily concerned with smu football, but living in dallas, i'm pretty excited about this hire. it sure would be a lot more fun around here if smu was relevant. pony up june...pony up.

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bcs national bullshit game

as some of you know, i said after mizzou and wvu choked (but before the bcs was officially announced), that i was not going to speak of the abortion that is the bcs championship game. well just a mere hours before kickoff, i'm going back on my word. anyone who reads this blog with any regularity knows that i hate lsu. hell i've hated lsu since before i even gave a shit about college football. its something of a family tradition...but that's a post for another time. that being said, i am quite confident that lsu is going to whip Tosu's ass tonight. i think that Tosu is a very solid team. and even though they played a very, very chickenshit schedule, just the fact that they won their conference and only had one loss makes them more qualified than anyone else to be in this game. they have a reliable, if unexciting offense, and damn good defense. however, their defense has never seen anything like what lsu will throw at them tonight. lsu has speed, skill, and depth at every offensive position. they will come at Tosu in many different formations including, it appears, using two different qb's. and you know, looney toons les miles will be digging deeeeeeeeep into his bag of tricks. could a die hard sec fan possibly pull for Tosu?? yep...and i will be...but my money is on the tigahs (-4). the only slim hopes i'm holding out are a) the fact that the whole world seems to think lsu is going to win...and the masses are almost always wrong. and b) a two headed quarterback bed wetting by flynn and "the gambler." in summary, listen up, b/c this may be the only time in my life i say this...go buckeyes!

more than likely what you'll be seeing about 11pm tonight

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