Friday, February 29, 2008

saints get vilma

the saints have apparenlty worked out a trade with the jets bringing jonathan vilma to new orleans. the word is it will only cost the saints a 4th round pick?? is that right?? if so the saints appear to have stolen one here. vilma performed much better in his first two years in new york before mangini came in and brought his 3-4 defense with him. hell, at this point, the saints need all the help they can get on i'm on board with this.


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bama baseball comes to dallas

and i'll be there. the tide is playing 4 games in dallas this weekend, the first three being at dr. pepper ballpark in frisco as part of the southwest diamond classic. dr. pepper ballpark is the home of the rangers double a affiliate the frisco roughriders, and is one of the nicest minor league parks you'll ever see. bama kicked off the festivities yesterday by losing to university of texas at arlington 10-9 after spotting them 8 runs through 4 innings. they will try to rebound this afternoon against nevada-reno. yours truly will be taking in tomorrow night's game against dallas baptist. the tide will wrap up the weekend by traveling across town for a rematch with uta in arlington on sunday before heading home. i'm thinking this could be a down year for the tide on the diamond, but maybe they'll prove me wrong.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

live music post: citizen cope

i've never really gotten into my love for live music on here, but that's probably b/c i haven't been taking in nearly as much of late. i think with every year i age, my intake of live music goes down. dallas actually has a pretty good little music scene (depending on the kind of music you like), but last year the music scene went corporate. the house of blues opened what is supposedly its second biggest club in america here in dallas. tonight will be the first time i try it out, but i hear its pretty impressive. so impressive that despite its high ticket prices, it has/will drive many of the local small music clubs out of business. damn the man. tonight i'll be taking in a little citizen cope. not a mainstream artist by any means, but i really dig this dude. i've seen him once before here in dallas at one of the aforementioned small local clubs. i've posted a little sample of his work. this is probably the closest this guy has ever gotten to a mainstream hit. i think it was even featured in a car commercial of some sort. check it.

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has the schwab been stumped??

a sweet ass dose of unintentional comedy to start your day. while surfing espn for info on last night's bama game, i came across this juicy little nugget. apparently howie fucking schwab (former game show douche), has an opinion on bama basketball. are you serious?? how many bama basketball do you think this dude has watched?? and even if we pretend for a second that this dude knows what he's talking about, he has the camera presence of a retard making most of his points incoherent at best. i mean come on...this guy should be taking broadcasting lessons from kige ramsey for shit's sake.

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maybe its the box fan and soaking wet carpet in my apartment, or maybe its the bag of shit that alabama calls basketball this season, but i really wasn't even aware that bama had a game last night. i mean obviously they tend to play on wednesday nights, but if you had asked me yesterday i wouldn't have been able to tell you who they were playing or even IF they were playing. despite my lack of interest, the hawgs lost to the tide last night 59-56. i refuse to write that bama won when they can't even break 60 points. besides the undeserved win, the lone bright spot was an impressive showing from sophmore forward demetrius jemison. jemison has been a questionable starter for much of the season, but i guess last night he showed what gottfried sees in him going for 19 and 12. bama now joins the the logjam of teams in the sec with 4 conference wins. viva sec!!! until they prove deserving, there will be no actual pictures of bama basketball on this blog...however there will be pictures FROM bama basketball games. any conplaints???

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

apparently i live on a sinking ship

raise your hand if you've ever known anyone that has had their apartment flooded twice in the same month. you're not raising your hand are you. fuck my apartment complex. i've got 3 weeks left on my lease...i'll be moving out in 2.

note: this is not gerry...though he could use a heineken right about now

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well that was fun for a second

the vol's status as the number one team in the country barely lasted 24 hours. to the vol's credit, vandy is a scary team who can score with the best of them. last night it was vandy guard shan foster dropping 32 on the vols on 9-13 from the floor. for the vols, chris lofton was his normal self putting up 25 points draining 6 from behind the arc, but it wasn't enough. the win was the 18th straight at home for the 'dores...and why not...they have the most insane home court i've ever seen. have you ever paid attention to this place?? first of all the coaches/benches are along the endlines instead of the sidelines. this always makes it awkward for ref/coach interaction as it not only happens more often, but at odd times like during free throws. also, the front row of the crowd is below court level making the whole damn thing seem like some kind of rock concert or something. i find the whole thing disorienting as i'm sure many opposing teams do, no doubt contributing to vandy's home record.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the saban speaks to you

-first off, it appears rashad johnson WILL NOT be suspended from the team for his recent arrest. "he is a fine young man whose positive assets far outweigh his negatives. i hate this for him." many more quotes of saban's gushing in the link.

-lest you think the saban is a total pussbag who doesn't discipline anyone...not only was jeremy elder has been dismissed from the team (layup), but he takes a page out of the big white hat's book of discipline and suspended lb prince hall "indefinitely." apparently prince has partaken in the ever popular "violation of team rules and policies."

-the future of zeke knight is still up in the air. he is still undergoing tests and although he is attending offseason workouts, he is not participating. you may remember zeke being somewhat mysteriously admitted and then discharged from dch hospital about a month ago.

-and finally, kevin steele has been promoted to associate head coach and kirby smart has been promoted to defensive coordinator. whatever.

the saban is bored with all of you "normals"

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dirty, skanky, bleach blondes: part 2

are you sensing a theme today?? cuz it damn sure ain't sports. i don't watch this show and i will never watch this show, but i heard about this broad on the radio today and was laughing my ass off. this is from last night's "moment of truth." you're about to watch a marriage get ripped to shreds in mere minutes, on national tv, all in the name of money, only for this dumb bitch to throw it all away on the most obvious question of all. i warn you, this video is very choppy and at times hard to follow b/c they attempted to cut out all of the dramatic pauses a bullshit show like this contains.

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"person i wish i was" of the day

christina aguilera's 6 week old baby

i can't help it...i'm short on time and short on content today.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

is terrelle pryor a douche bag?? i can't decide.

am i the only one tired of terrelle pryor?? let me start by saying that i'm impartial on the whole circus that is his recruitment. he has no interest in the school i support, nor does he have any interest in any schools in the sec (though bama does play penn state in '10 and '11). so what the hell is taking him so long?? people like to defend him by saying that he's got so much going on with basketball and what not...well i ask you honestly believe pryor is the only 4 or 5 star football recruit who is also playing basketball?? i think not. not to mention, its not like this whole recruiting thing snuck up on him. somehow every other recruit, no matter how big or small, manages to narrow down their choices and make visits in a timely manner during their junior and senior years, but pryor is too busy. he's so busy, yet he has found time to get to columbus, ann arbor, and penn state AT LEAST once (i know for a fact he's been to columbus at least twice). what does he think is going to change at this point?? you know the campuses/facilities, you know the coaching staffs, and now you've fucked around for so long that you even know what their recruiting classes look like. this kid comes off as a prima donna to me, and he is truly setting himself up to be a big fat bust. somebody call me when this 18 year old punk decides to stop holding 3 (or 4 if you count oregon) schools hostage.

"i mean i just don't have time to visit all of these places..."

"and meet all of these coaches..."

"particularly penn state..."

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

bruce pearl is a pimp

bruce pearl found a way to get his meat hooks on erin andrews on his way off the floor at the end of the first half against memphis saturday night. though awkward, i commend him b/c if i got that close to erin i'd like to think i'd do the same thing. go big or go home bruce. bruce was also clearly flirting with erin in the postgame interview, but i couldn't find you tubeage of that.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

parole tide indeed

the only thing popping up faster than scholarships in tuscaloosa are arrests. first jeremy elder, and now rashad johnson. early this morning, during closing time at the legacy, a bouncer was escorting someone out of the bar when johnson apparently intervened and shoved a bouncer. first of all, i have to ask, what the fuck is going on over at the legacy that everytime a bama player gets arrested the legacy is involved. i actually know the dude who manages this place and i think i need to have a talk with him about how things are supposed to work for football players in tuscaloosa. secondly, rashad seeems to be a pretty upstanding dude up to this point, so it will be interesting to see how the saban chooses to handle it. to be honest it sounds like a pretty chickenshit arrest, but whatever. johnson, a former walk on, led the tide in tackles and int's on his way to being selected first team all sec. long story short...bama needs this dude to be around and productive for his senior year.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

oversigning shmoversigning

EDIT (2/23): o-lineman cody davis joins bj stabler in leaving due to injury. rather than type a whole new post saying the exact same thing, i'm just adding this edit. hell, maybe the saban should have signed more than 32.
first jeremy elder appears to have "relieved" himself of his scholarship, and now o-lineman bj stabler has decided not to endure more pain and injuries for his senior year. he has battled various knee injuries since arriving in tuscaloosa, and he will graduate this summer. "after three years of pain, i'm doing the right thing," stabler said. "i don't know if i would have been able to go anymore." 2 schollies opened up in a week and we're not even out of february yet. at this rate the saban will have schollies just lying around come the fall.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

thursday quick hits

-the rosters for the 2008 mcdonald's all america game have been announced, and only one team from the sec is represented. tennessee?? florida?? kentucky?? nope...its alabama. will the man who recruited jamychal green be around to coach him?? only time will tell.

-last night memphis took care of tulane, while the vols took care of auburn to set up the #1 vs. #2 matchup on saturday night. if you haven't watched memphis play this year i highly recommend catching this game. they are athletic, they like to run, and they are damn fun to watch.

-stewart mandel gives his two cents on rp's suspension. he doesn't say anything that hasn't already been said, including calling for the big white hat to give him the boot, but its worth a look.

-a pretty cool look back at notable performances from the nfl combine. the combine is a hardcore make or break world where players often make themselves look much better or much worse than they really are. i've alway enjoyed following the combine and checking out the freakish numbers some guys put up, but am always frustrated when teams actually base decisions on this shit. i don't care if some no name rb has a better 40 time, vertical leap, and bench press than darren mcfadden...that doesn't make him a better rb.

-look...i'm not stupid enough to pass judgement on this jason kidd trade after one game, but chris paul put on a point guard clinic and made kidd look like a past his prime, overpaid, overrated, has been. paul damn near had a triple-double in points, assists, and STEALS! fear the hornets kids.

and now chris paul hitting 4 half court shots in under a minute last saturday...which they claim is a world record.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

gerry goes big ballin'

your old buddy gerry dorsey is going to take in a dallas stars game from a suite tonight b/c that's how he rolls. if you're in the 90% of america that pays no attention to hockey, the stars have quietly put together the second best record in the league and the playoffs are right around the corner. i'm looking forward to mooching some food, drinking some beer, and trying to not tell various yuppies in the house to go fuck themselves.

yes, the dallas stars have "cheerleaders." who gives a shit if its hockey...this is dallas dammit...everything gets cheerleaders.

and possibly my favorite dallas stars highlight of all time. i miss aaron downey.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

are you fucking serious??

DISCLAIMER:this post was written when the first jason kidd trade was proposed. the names have changed, but my feelings about it remain the same, so i don't feel like writing a new post, or even editing this one. enjoy...or don't. here is a link with all of the finalized info.

apparently cubes and the mavs thought they'd save mavs fans some heartache and get their choking out of the way looooong before playoff time. hell they managed to get it done before the all star break. they have traded their starting/25 year old/improving point guard (devin harris), a solid veteran who is averaging 10 pts coming off the bench (stackhouse), a 7 footer who has proved to be pretty damn valuable come playoff time in terms of defense and giving fouls (desagana diop), devean george, maurice ager, 2 first round draft picks, and $3 million for a past his prime assist machine who can't shoot worth a shit and is set to make damn near $20 million this year, and some dude (malik allen). now i for one was in favor of a roster shake up with this team, however i only wanted it if it meant getting a low post presence or someone who could slash their way to the hoop and get to the line. this trade obviously solves neither. this is still a team full of jump shooters, only now they have someone a little more adept at distributing the ball to said jumpshooters. if this is what they wanted they should have just resigned steve nash 3 years ago. again, i was completely on board with shaking up this roster b/c the mavs weren't going to win a title this year anyway. however, now they're not going to win a title this year, or any time in the near future b/c they have traded their talented young point guard and 2 (fucking 2!!) first round draft picks. i'm only a casual fan of the mavs and this shit is still making me insane. i truly feel for the die hard fans.

at least its more courteous than a late season gut punch

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Monday, February 18, 2008

gone...but for how long??

i'd been hearing whispers coming out of louisiana for a week or so, primarily from the last dragon, but i didn't think it was really going to happen. however today the big white hat proved me wrong by suspending the gambler perrilloux "indefinitely" for violating team rules. there are so many wild ass rumors out there regarding what he may have done to earn this suspension, that i won't even get into that. the question to me is, does rp ever make it back?? personally, i feel that as of now, he can earn his way back. even though i would have thought he would have used up all of his chances by now, i say les lets him come back if he behaves...but that's a big fuckin' "if." not to mention, if he's not regularly participating in football activities, that leaves more time for thuggin' with the wrong crowd. lemme hear from you tigah fans. tigah nation seems to be pretty divided as to whether they are sick and tired of his shit and want him gone, or will support him and his amazing football skills until the very end discipline be damned.

only the strong survive dog...only the strong

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dwi's are for amateurs

it appears as though crimson tide redshirt freshman d-lineman jeremy elder has been charged with 2 counts of first-degree robbery...two felonies. obviously this is not your average "hey, he's just a teenager who went out and had a little to much to drink." this is serious shit. obviously if elder is anywhere near guilty, his football career at alabama is dunzo. word is he's still behind bars on $120k bail. see...everyone wanted to know how the saban was going to squeeze in that huge recruiting class. everyone just needs to let nature take its course.

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dwight howard is a dunking legend

i haven't gotten into the slam dunk contest in a very long time, but bad weather forced me indoors with nothing to do saturday night except watch some dunks and crack up at charles barkley. in case you missed it, here is dwight howard running away with the title.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

where does michael jordan spend valentine's day??

well "the dell" of course. mj was in town to donate $500k to the slidell boys and girls to build a new gym. if you're wondering why uncle rico gives a shit, its b/c slidell, la is gerry's hometown. and in the dell, mj coming to town immediately skyrockets to like top 10 coolest shit that's ever happened.

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crimson tide commits: vol. 3

burton scott seemingly playing every position on the field against what appears to always be 9 players

a cool little video of burton scott (and deandre brown) showing what a beast he is

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Thursday, February 14, 2008


just in case you give a shit, its worth noting that BOTH of the sec's shittiest basketball teams defeated seemingly superior opponents last night...including lsu doing it with an interim head coach. given the relatively weak schedule bama has ahead of it, the nit is not out of the question...which would no doubt secure gottfried's job for at least one more year. i'll say again...i'm torn as to how i feel about this.

the tigahs should just hire butch pierre. how great of a name is that for an lsu coach??

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happy valentine's day

waiting until the last minute to get that special someone their valentine's gift or card?? maybe your uncle rico can save you a trip to target/walmart/albertson's/hallmark.

and there's plenty more where that came from.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

don't tase me bro!!

did you know that former tigah josh booty was a sportscaster?? i didn't either. he's also an idiot...which i probably could have guessed. mr. booty was arrested for suspicion of dui in orange county early wednesday morning. while being booked, booty thought it'd be a good idea to fight with deputies. well that bright idea earned him a good tasing (tazing??) and sweet ass shiner. you can take the coonass outta louisiana.....

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devean mf'ing george!!!

who woulda thunk that devean george would be the man to save the mavs?? at the 11th hour devean george has exercised a clause in his contract blocking the jason kidd trade!! the story says it is unclear at this time whether or not this was merely a snag or a dealbreaker...i'm hoping dealbreaker. i had a big fuck the mavs and fuck jason kidd post written up but chose to hold off until this thing was official, and now i'm glad i did.

mavs fans owe this man some chocolate and flowers tomorrow

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i am elmer j fudd, millionaire. i own a mansion and a yacht

while this may be true of elmer fudd, this is no longer true of former crimson tider latrell sprewell. latrell was last seen turning down a 3 year $21 million extension with the timberwolves b/c "i've got a family to feed." well i bet he's wishing he had taken that deal now b/c spree was forced to sell his yacht (named "milwaukee's best"...classy) and his house is in foreclosure for failure to make payments on both. back in 2005, spree's agent bob gist told si that spree would rather retire than play for the league minimum of $1.1 million. "he doesn't need the money," gist said. clearly gist did not have a close relationship with spree's accountant...if he even had one. i would like to wrap up this post by saying hahahahaha you stupid, formerly rich, arrogant, fucking deadbeat.

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the mysterious inside trout

the texas aggies, who recently lost their dc to the cowboys, are interviewing former tide dc joe kines for the job. kines is currently holding down some cushy position w/in the alabama atheletic department. in speaking with my local aggies, there appears to be some dissention amongst the ranks about kines. i told my local aggie who inquired about kines that yes, they want him. in the 4 years kines was dc at bama, i believe the defense finished in the top 5 three times. maybe most important to the aggies, joe kines devised a way to hold texas tech to 10 points. not only do the aggies hate the red raiders with a passion, but the red raiders have tendency of lighting the aggies up. the only downside i can see in kines is his age. he will be 64 when the season starts. however, given the fact that it february, i can't think of many better candidates. while looking at kines' wikipedia page to find his age, i come across this kick ass factoid. "joe kines was born on july 13, 1944 in a train car that was en route from cedartown, georgia to piedmont, alabama. born on a fucking train car in the middle of nowhere alabama?? tell me you don't want this guy as your dc. and i haven't even mentioned the quotes...oh my god the quotes. if i could come up with a reason to post this video every day i would.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

crimson tide commits: vol. 2

future cb alonzo lawrence...though he doesn't do much covering in this video

devonta bolten just being a man amongst boys and doing a little bit of everything. he absolutely trashes some poor db 42 seconds in.

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life is kickin' gerry's ass

i will try to be brief. flash back to thursday evening at about 5pm. i come home from work, i walk into my closet, and right there at the threshold, my sock gets wet. why the fuck is my carpet wet?? i look up at the ceiling...nope, not coming from there. i look at my dog. did you piss in my house?? of course not...that's not like him...but of course i had to give it the smell test first to be sure. i basically blew it off as some sort of anomaly since it wasn't all that big of an area and it wasn't even all that soaked. ahead to friday afternoon...i come home from work, head to the closet, and this time my carpet is SOAKED. like its making a sloshing sound with every step. so i report this to my apartment office and basically spend the entire weekend at my girlfriend's as i don't even want to deal with that bullshit. so on monday i see that i have the fan in my room to dry the carpet, my furniture is moved, and the fuckers from my apartment basically took everything out of my closet and tossed it around my room as best i can tell. later in the day some dude comes around and replaces the carpet pad and touches nothing else. don't sweat it bro, i'll move the dresser and shit back for you...dickhead. on top of all this, somewhere in the middle of this story, i appear to have "misplaced" my wallet somewhere for the first time in my damn near 29 years. i went to the whole foods near my gf's at about 7pm on sunday, paid for the groceries, and i haven't seen it since. i didn't realize it was missing until i went to buy gas yesterday at lunch. at the time i just assumed it was at my gf's and that i would recover it that night. no such luck. as of this morning i have torn my apartment apart, torn my truck apart, and called whole foods...but nothing. this morning i also checked all of my accounts to see if anything had been charged, but it hadn't. this leads me to believe that the wallet is not "lost," but rather "misplaced." next on my agenda?? go tear apart my gf's apartment and my gf's car. please feel free to email me if you would like to make a cash donation to "the dorsey fund." thank you.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

crimson tide commits: vol. 1

this is obviously volume 1 of a series of posts which will feature footage of some of the studs bama signed on nsd. enjoy.

almost impossible to find video on the monster that is jerrell harris, but here's a quick decleater.

and rb ivan matchett. this dude is the definition of shifty. an absolutely brutal stiff arm 5:20 into it.

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monday quick hits

-really redskins?? really?? jim fucking zorn?? that makes jim fassel and gregg williams look like superstar options. the redskins are second only to the raiders on the insanity-meter, but at least al davis is 78 and senile. what's your excuse dan snyder??

-in an incident that turns my stomach to talk about, panthers' forward richard zednik is in stable condtion after taking a skate to the neck last night. you can go watch the video here as there is no way in hell i'm posting that on here. the fear and panic on everyone's faces alone is enough of a reason for me not to post it. it does seem that zednik will be just fine though.

-in what can only be described as a lose-lose situation, the lsu tigahs will kick off the '08 campaign against the 1aa champs appalachian state. its lose-lose b/c its not unlike getting into a fight with the old man. if you whip his ass, people are like "bro, what's the deal with you kickin' some decrepit old man's ass??" but god forbid you lose...or even let the old man get a few really good shots in. then its like, "hey nancy boy, you can't even take care of a decrepit old man??" beware of armanti edwards.

-i know most of you are hungover today from your huge pro bowl watching parties last night, but for those of you who missed it, the nfc came back from 17 down thanks to adrian peterson and t.o. owens. blah blah analysis, nobody gives a shit, blah blah football.

-in other "hey...who's the shittiest basketball team in the sec" news. the tide lost both of their games last week falling 73-66 in starkville on wednesday (which i paid little attention to due to nsd), and 62-52 on saturday in lexington (minus a sick richard hendrix). although i was unable to watch either of these games live, i did catch a movie over the weekend that reminded me of bama basketball. see if you can figure out who reminds me of bama basketball in the first 60 seconds of this video.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

john brady is officially toast

see, if you wait around long enough, sports will inspire you. it appears as though john brady has been canned as head basketball coach at lsu. please understand lsu fan, i'm not making fun of you...for two reasons. a) the program can only get better from where it is now...and you know i don't want that. and b) and i'm not 100% committed to this comment yet...but i just might be jealous of you. obviously i will be very interested to see who the penguin tries to bring in to fill the void. this announcement comes at a bad time as i was just about to start doing some posts on brady's trophy wife...the former mrs. misty champagne and ms. misty fogg. i couldn't make that shit up.

and now...a montage...

don't cry johnny...

...i'm sure you'll feel better once you get home...

...probably much better.

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the greatest ransom note in the history of ransom notes

look...i gotta be honest...the world of sports is really uninspiring to me right now. the nfl season is over, signing day has come and gone, the nfl draft isn't until april, and the nba and nhl playoffs aren't for a couple more months (and i really, really struggle to give a shit about their regular seasons). ordinarily at this time of year i would be consumed by college hoops. however, my team of choice has chosen to shit their pants this season by frustratingly losing every game by single digits while shooting 50% from the free throw line. so pardon me if i do some lazy posting in the interim. that being said, i think you'll be very satisfied with "wiener poopie."

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the great white hope

am i the only asshole who a) didn't know who sam mcguffie was and b) had never seen his you tube video?? this thing has damn near 1.8 million views and i hadn't seen it until yesterday. as i'm following the nsd madness, i start hearing about some rb out of texas who is stringing rich rod along for his loi (he didn't fax it in until 8:30pm). anyway, if you've seen the video, its probably worth seeing again. and if you haven't...well then buckle up. did i mention he's a white boy?? i also have some of the more impressive you tubes of some of bama's signees that i will sprinkle in over the in the upcoming days/weeks.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

julio's commitment

hey julio...andre 3000 called...he wants his wardrobe back

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gerry's nsd winners and losers

-clemson-stole a few from the sec, including ol antoine mcclain, te dwayne allen, and stud rb jamie harper
-bama-literally got damn near everyone they went after including lb jerrell harris whom i had the most doubts about. lots of versatile players at nearly every position.
-colorado-in addition to a pretty solid group of recruits, the buffs stole one of best rb's in nation (darrell scott) from the 'horns.
-miami-one of the few classes that can compete with bama in terms of size. also stole quite a few players from sec schools today, with a few being of the last minute mind change variety.
-usc-pete carroll is like clockwork. they lose athlete joe adams to arkansas, but steal db tj bryant and dl nick perry.
-aggies-the ags missed on couple studs on nsd, but considering the fact that their coach was employed in the nfl until december...not too shabby.
-arkansas-made numerous late steals. class can obviously be made much stronger depending on the outcome of qb ryan mallett's appeal to play this season.
-ole miss-houston nutt scored 2 stud rb's on nsd, enrique davis and darius barksdale...and we've seen what he can do with two quality rb's. combine this very solid class with the possible emergence of qb jevan snead, and ole miss may make a big jump in '08.
-mizzou-used on field success to get big recruits out of big 12 hotbeds houston and dallas. also secured best player from in state in qb blaine gabbert.
-minnesota-lookout big 10!! this is an easy conference to move up quickly in (ask ron zook), and tim brewster is making some noise. hauled in a huge class highlighted by dual threat qb marqueis gray.

-vols-got athlete ej abrams-ward, but lost almost every other nad battle including stud rb enrique davis to ole miss and ol antoine mcclain to clemson.
-auburn-look...auburn has a pretty solid class, but they lost a couple battles for players on nsd and obviously got smoked in terms of in state recruiting in a year when the state was loaded with talent.
-penn state-a big 10 school bringing in a whole 15 signees on nsd?? what the hell?? are they saving 10 spots for terrelle pryor or what??
-kansas-needed to do what mizzou did and didn't. were able to have some success in texas, but let multiple in state studs get away with the most obvious being lb arthur brown.
-mississippi state-had their best season in years, won their bowl game, and got outrecruited but both in state schools despite both of them having coaching changes.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

national signing day live blog...sort of

as i mentioned yesterday, i don't have the time or patience to sit here and do an actual live blog, but i'll do the next best thing. i will keep this one nsd post at the top of the page and just keep updating it. so feel free to check back frequently and scroll down for the updates. the focus will be bama letters of intent, while also covering other big stories around the cfb landscape. the first big story came last night as it was reported that terrelle pryor will NOT announce today...again. apparently he (really his dad) wants to take a closer look at penn state. this guy might be becoming a pain in the ass...i'm not sure yet. in any event, that means all eyes are on senor jones at 11:30am (cst) on espnu. other announcements bama fans will be watching closely include marcel dareus (and his brother...10am), tj bryant (11am), and jerrell harris (2pm). is this class gonna be freakin' huge?? biggest in america i would imagine. i read a quote from the saban yesterday that said something to the effect of (paraphrase alert!!) "we're going to sign everyone we can and worry about how they all fit in later." i like that attitude.

BAMA COMMITS: (received letter of intent)
1. corey smith-k** (backcount towards 2007)
2. chris jackson-wr*** (backcount towards 2007)
3. melvin ray-wr****
4. devonta bolton-wr/te****
5. robby green-db****
6. barrett jones-ol****
7. don'ta hightower-lb****
8. chris jordan-rb***
9. mark barron-db****
10. brad smelley-ath**
11. destin hood-wr****
12. jermaine preyear-rb***
13. damion square-dl***
14. tyler love-ol*****
15. undra billingsly-dl****
16. ivan matchett-rb***
17. glenn harbin-dl****
18. courtney upshaw-dl****
19. wesley neighbors-db***
20. michael williams-dl****
21. brandon lewis-dl****
22. alonzo lawrence-db****
23. john michael boswell-ol****
24. burton scott-ath*****
25. mark ingram-rb****
26. marcel dareus-dl***
27. robert lester-db***
28. julio jones-wr*****
29. kerry murphy-dl****
30. star jackson-qb****
31. terrance cody-dl****
32. jarrell harris-lb****

-phat phil strenghtens a class that is thus far unimpressive by stealing 4 star athlete ej abrams-ward away from the tarheels.

-however the 'heels do sign 4 star d-lineman robert quinn. quinn flirted with the tide for a while, but the closer it got to nsd, the more obvious it was he was going to be a tarheel.

-my first real WOW of the day goes to 5 star rb enrique davis. enrique was a solid verbal to auburn, but then decided he didn't want to be a part of the new "spread eagle" offense. the vols thought they had a chance, but this morning he committed to houston nutt and ole miss. big stuff.

-4 star ol antoine mcclain spurns the entire sec and signs with clemson. the tigahs and vols were hoping for his signature today, but clemson wins out.

-the first true fuck job of the day goes to 4 star te dwayne allen. he has been a solid verbal with uga for quite a long time, and even reaffirmed this as recently as monday (via ajc), but this morning he pulls the old switcheroo and signs with clemson...who appears to be mugging everyone.

-bama's first steal of the day came in the form of 3 star dl marcel dareus. auburn and unc were both serious players for the guy, and i for one didn't think bama was going to get him.

-florida loses two big commits today. 4 star db ramon buchanan chooses miami after originially committing to the canes, than switching to the gators, than switching back to the canes at the last minute today. also, 4 star o-lineman ricky barnum turned his back on the gators at the last minute for michigan. sucks to be urbs.

-bobby petrino gets a big steal at the expense of pete carroll by securing 4 star athlete joe adams.

-the tigahs get one of the top remaining uncommitted o linemen in greg shaw and keep him away from west virginia.

-JULIO!!!! bama gets what will no doubt be the biggest signing of the day from 5 star wr julio jones. i have a boner.

-4 star db tj bryant chooses usc?? i wasn't all that confident he'd choose bama, but i just assumed it would be fsu if not. apparently not. can't win 'em all.

-in a somewhat shocking move (at least to me), 5 star rb darrell scott chooses colorado over texas. i really tought he'd end up a 'horn.

-UN-FREAKIN'-REAL!!! bama closes out nsd by signing 4 star lb jarrell harris who was also considering auburn and clemson (which is where i though he was going). bama had a really solid class coming into nsd, and with the addition of jones and harris it is now ridiculous.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

in the words of spike lee...

do the right thing julio. pretty please??

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national signing day eve

well kids, tomorrow is the big day. before we go any further, i would like to make it clear that you will not read a single word on this blog about recruiting rankings. i fucking hate them. they are somewhere just south of absolutely fabricated. moving far the tide has put together a pretty damn solid class with 28 verbals from some very impressive and versatile recruits at key positions. you can check out the commitments to this point over at roll bama roll. they have one of the cleanest, best looking recruit trackers around. bama is also still in the mix for some serious prospects on nsd. obviously there is julio jones, as well as jerrell harris, tj bryant (probably florida state though), and mark ingram (whom i think will announce michigan state today). as always, it will no doubt be hectic and interesting. i don't have the time, patience, or connections to do an interesting, up to the minute, nsd live blog. i will instead come around after the dust settles and talk about the wild happenings and surprises as there will no doubt be at least a few. happy signing day.

EDIT: (3pm) 4 star rb mark ingram pleasantly surprises me and shuns becoming a legacy at michigan state to commit to the tide. good stuff.

i've really grown to hate the hats on the table least this one was a little creative

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Monday, February 4, 2008

college hoops just got a lot less interesting

bobby knight has resigned as head coach of texas tech basketball. i think we all knew this was going to happen soon, but i didn't think he'd do it midseason. there seems to be little explanation other than "he said he was tired and that it was best to go ahead and do it now." his son pat will take his place effective immediately. let's all take a moment to reflect on the genius that is bobby knight.

top 10 knight sound bites:

some of my favorite video footage ever (insane language warning):

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super bowl you tubeage

one of the weakest play by play calls of a ridiculously huge play i've ever heard.

a reebok commerical that turned out to be very prophetic.

can somebody please get me a grenade and mercury morris' address

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super bowl in pics

probably my favorite congrats to strahan

the giants pass rush was brutal all night

plax didn't do much, but he caught the go ahead td

one of the most insane plays i've ever seen

eli's reputation has done a 180 in 5 weeks

sorry junior

at least you stils have your looks tom...oh and 3 other rings

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

dumb face prevails

still can't believe it

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