Tuesday, September 30, 2008

what the hell are these things??

so i go to the "all about uptown" festival thingy here in dallas this past saturday. not much to write home about, but the gf's parents were in town, so we needed things to fill the agenda. well as i'm cruisin' through all the little booths trying to promote all of their products i don't care about, i begin to notice several people consuming what appeared to be miller lite out of these odd looking contraptions. they had wide mouths, they looked like they were aluminum, but they were shaped more like a bottle. i was confused. then, while driving around dallas today i see the same contraption on a billboard. so i decide to investigate when i get back to my computer. well it turns out this is miller lite's newest marketing ploy. to increase their oddness, they are 16 ouncers and they come in 9-packs. wait 9-packs?? miller lite says that ”this package drinks like a bottle and cools like a can to deliver an invigorating taste experience.” well i don't know about all that, but given my feelings about miller lite, this is the most attention i've paid to them in years. so kudos...i guess.

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crimson and white roundtable: what do we do with all these black shirts??

this weeks questions brought to you by my boys over at roll bama roll.

1. What are your feelings on Alabama's current position in the polls? Are we overrated? Underrated? Just right?

well as much as i hate the tide being ranked so high so early b/c of the target it puts on their back, i can't really argue with their ranking at this point. i've been fighting the meteoric rise up the polls the entire time, however based on their resume i feel i finally have to condede...dammit. they definitely belong in the top 5, but i also believe oklahoma is the most impressive team in the nation right now.

2. What aspect of the game did Alabama control that shocked you the most? What aspect of the game was Alabama dominated in that shocked you the most?

i would say that i was pretty shocked that alabama controlled EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE ENTIRE FIRST HALF!! on the flip side, i don't know if "dominated" is the right term, but the kick/punt coverage was freakin' horrible. something tells me the saban will be all over their ass about this in preparation for uk.

3. Name your player of the game on Offense. Also name one on Defense.

the player of the game on offense was no doubt jpw. that's gotta be everyone's answer right?? considering the circumstances, this was the best game of his life. let's hope he saved a little for the second half of the season.

the player of the game on defense?? i gotta go justin woodall. the guy was everywhere. a forced fumble, an int, and a couple breakups in addition to his tackles.

4. The Wildcats are a very quiet 4-0 with lackluster wins over Louisville, Norfolk State, MTSU, and Western Kentucky. Obviously every game in the SEC is going to be a tough one and the Tide could be in danger of a letdown after such a huge win, so are you at all worried about UK? Why or why not?

yes...b/c i'm a horribly nervous fan. i was worried when bama was up 31-0 at halftime on saturday. i'm never comfortable. that being said, i do expect bama to win on saturday, but i don't think it will come as easily as it should.

5. John Parker Wilson is a new man this season, looking the kind of savvy game manager that can make just enough throws to keep defenses guessing we need in this offense. What's your take on his sudden emergence, and are you comfortable with him under center in clutch situations?

as mentioned above, "comfortable" is not something i feel very frequently when watching my tide, but its not b/c of jpw necessarily. i probably wouldn't be comfortable even if tom brady was the qb. i would prefer bama continue to employ the "jump out early and play with a lead" technique so as to keep jpw from having to put any one game on his shoulders.

wha happened??

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Monday, September 29, 2008

blackout shmackout

a video essay of the crimson tide skulldragging the 'dawgs. gerry thinks windows movie maker is fun.

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monday you tube analysis: uga

each monday we will post a youtube that has little to nothing to do with football, yet expresses our feelings regarding what happened in bama's game that week.

you see stimpy doing the "ass dance" towards the end?? that's me on saturday night. look, i'm as surprised as you are. i picked the tide to lose a close one, so i thought there was a decent chance the tide could win, but i never pictured pictured them punching the bulldogs right in the nuts. i mean from the word go they were simply blowing the 'dawgs off the line of scrimmage. i mean that game didn't look much different than the tide kicking the hell out of clemson, western kentucky, or arkansas. one thing that did look different was the play of jpw. i mean what can you say, he was accurate and made great decisions all night. what more can you ask for from your senior qb?? now the tide finds itself in the top 5 based on its performance in the first 5 weeks. and entering a whole new realm as a team. no longer are they trying to prove themselves as the underdog, now they're having to maintain their focus to avoid the upset as they will likely be favored in every game the rest of the way save for possibly the trip to red stick.

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week in pics: shakin' up the top 10

trojans couldn't even stop a helmetless midget

i don't support taunting...but i love the non-gator gator chomp

are you having a bad day?? at least you're not this guy

that's the sound of your conference tumbling further

"hmmm...maybe i could call the saban again"

really?? navy?!?

the #1 team in america...and deservedly so

the only thing the big tweleven has to offer

a picture of hype being delivered

"go teach the bulldogs...to behave"

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Friday, September 26, 2008

tide get ready to roll!!

see, its weekends like this that i've been trying to build up my karma points with the football gods for. will this be the last week you see my good luck post??? god speed men.

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a little pre-weekend funny

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uga weekend forecast: partly sunny with a chance of showers

at the risk of being repetitive (see here and here), i've always had a softspot for uga. i don't know if its the unis, the mascot, the stadium, or some combo thereof, but i've always kinda liked them. as we all know far too well, uga is going to pull out the old "blackout" this weekend. am i the only one tired of this phenomenon?? i guess it looks pretty cool when pulled off correctly, but you definitely get zero originality points at this point. not to mention, with all of this effort, you sure will look dumb if you lose. besides, "blackout" sounds racist to me.

i think its safe to say that uga has bama beat in terms of talent at the skill positions, but if that was all it took bama would have started out 0-1. bama has manhandled every team they've faced in the trenches, and that's what its going to take for the tide to have a chance tomorrow night. they will have to open up holes for coffee and ingram so they can keep the pressure off of jpw. on the other side of the ball they are going to have get penetration into uga's backfield to disrupt both stafford and moreno. and for god's sake, look out for the screen pass!! i expect this game to be a hard fought, close game, with the winner having a very solid claim to a top 5 ranking. one thing that will not be happening this weekend is fans listening to larry munson call the game on the radio. after 43 years of calling uga games, larry munson abruptly retired earlier this week. munson, who will turn 86 this weekend, has recently suffered from declining health. hopefully the dawgs will wait until next weekend to "hunker down."


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Thursday, September 25, 2008

saturday night just got a little bigger

as if it wasn't big enough

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love thine enemy: uga

the sec: the best conference for watching football, as well as the best conference for watching the chicks who go to watch the football.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

quick hits: spies like us edition

-in "where the hell were you 5 years ago" news, the lions are done with matt millen's sorry ass. the lions were 31-84 under the leadership of millen, and frankly that's even better than i would have thought. what a turd of a franchise.

-a pretty good little article from some dude about this surprising bama squad.

-turns out bama rb glen coffee is also quite the powerlifter. he has a powerlifting state championship to his name from high school, and big andre says he may very well be the second strongest dude on the team (behind josh champman). i like that in my rb's.

-for the second year in a row, mark richt has completely closed uga's practices leading up to the bama game. this subject came up almost exactly one year ago. for that reason, i will now repost my awesome graphic design skills from last year.

not sure if this is austin millarge or emmett fitzhume

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coming up next...red rover

one thing the canadian football league gets right is allowing ridiculous touchdown celebrations. although this is probably a delay of game, at least it wasn't some "excessive celebration" bullshit. one thing the canadian football league gets wrong however, is the goalpost in the front of the endzone. are you fucking serious?? how are they not killing like 3 dudes per season up there??

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

crimson and white roundtable: high on the hawg

this weeks roundtable is being hosted by the newly redsigned alabama gameday.

-What are your feelings on Alabama’s current position in the polls? Are we overrated? Underrated? Just right?

at this point i don't even think its worth debating as we are about 4 days away from bama's ranking being solidified one way or another on the field. a tough game, on the road, in a hostile environment, against a very highly ranked team. does the tide win?? do they lose and hang tough?? do they get their ass beat?? the polls on monday will reflect what happens and will have a fair amount of evidence to back up said ranking.

-What aspect of the game did Alabama control that shocked you the most? What aspect of the game was Alabama dominated in that shocked you the most?

i don't know that i was shocked at any area that bama dominated. i may have been a little surprised by the degree of domination, but not that they dominated as i felt they were the better team coming in.

i don't think bama was dominated in any aspect, but i was surprised that arky ended up with the amount of rushing yards they did. but at that point we're really splitting hairs.

-Name your player of the game on Offense. Also name one on Defense.

the offensive player of the game is glen coffee, no doubt. the hawgs were barely able to lay a hand on him...which i guess means props must be given to the o-line as well.

the defensive player of the game is javy arenas. in addition to the interception return, he really impressed me in coverage, and was very close to sacking casey dick on a couple corner blitzes. obviously part of my being so impressed is that only a few weeks ago i didn't even really view this guy as a defensive player.

-Alabama has dominated the first quarter, outscoring opponents 64-0 in the first quarter. How do you think this team will handle its first taste of adversity this season?

well they have been given tiny doses of adversity this season and handled it well. bama circa '06 or '07 could have very easily lost that tulane game. they also bounced back well from cj spiller returning that kickoff all the way to start the second half of the clemson game. obviously they will face greater adversity than that at some point this season, but i feel the mental makeup of this team is different. i sure would like to see them continue to dominate the first quarter on saturday and take the wind out the blackout sails.

-Setting aside Georgia, now that the season is well underway, how do you feel Alabama stacks up against what you've seen of their big opponents?

other than uga, that leaves tennessee, lsu, and auburn. tennessee is obviously really struggling on offense, so much so that i'm not sure it will ever really get on track consistently this season. lsu and auburn played an exciting game on saturday, but i didn't find any team overly impressive. the tide will be an underdog in baton rouge, but that may be it. in other words, they should be able to find a way to win 2 out of 3 of those games.

ooooooo...tough afternoon

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the new orleans glass joe's

what the hell?? every week i'm reading an article about what saints player is hurt/out/having surgery/etc. they are already without colston for another five weeks or so, and now they will be without shockey for 3-6 weeks for a sports hernia. with david patten nursing a strained groin, the wr corps are looking mighty thin. all of this in addition to their already questionable defense having been shredded by injuries. the only upside i can find in all of this is the next 3 games are all at home, and they are against san francisco, minnesota, and oakland. they need all three.

catchin' a nasty case of the hernias

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Monday, September 22, 2008

quick hits: you tube intensive

-in some quick bama tidbits, college gameday will stay in the sec and once again follow the tide as they travel to athens. also, uga will attempt to pull off the blackout on saturday by sporting the black jerseys and asking the fans to wear black as well. there are blackouts, and then there are solar eclipses...

700lbs of vertical leap

-another quick for the bama fan out there...have you seen what leron mcclain is doing for the ravens?? 2 games, 152 yards on 36 carries, 2 td's, and leading the team in all 3 categories.

-the u.s. takes back the ryder cup, but as usual the story for me was boo weekley. this guy became my favorite golfer a couple years ago at the british open when he blew the british media away with his redneckisms and mossy oak undershirts. however yesterday he took it to a whole other level by "doin' the bull dance...feelin' the flow." so genius.

-is houston nutt coaching the dolphins?? b/c ronnie brown did a fine job running the "wild dolphin" offense yesterday accounting for 5 td's and even passing for 1.

-my boy jpw takes a lot of shit both from bama fans and fans around the sec, but i thoroughly enjoyed this moment on saturay. what you don't see is the d-lineman giving jpw a little extra business after hitting him as he was throwing. jpw gets up, tells him that was bush league, d-lineman says something back, so jpw reminds him that the razorbacks have a huge jumbotron in the endzone with the score on it.

HT:tide druid

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monday you tube analysis: arkansas

each monday we will post a youtube that has little to nothing to do with football, yet expresses our feelings regarding what happened in bama's game that week.

its tough to go into great depth on this game, b/c it was only interesting for about 75% of one quarter. the tide took the opening kickoff and drove it down the field for a touchdown, the second drive was exactly 1 play for 87 yards, and then it was the javy arenas pick 6. 21-0 before the end of the first quarter and it only got worse from there. casey dick was not only throwing pick 6's like they were going out of style, but he was making a habit of getting faked out of his jock as bama db's headed for the endzone. jpw didn't do a whole helluva lot, but didn't have to since the tide rushed for 328 yards including 162 yards and 2 td's on only 10 carries for glen coffee. by the fourth quarter both teams were putting reserves in and bobby petrino was thinking that the nfc south isn't all that bad when compared to the sec.

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week in pics: S-E-C...S-E-C!!

holy suck!!

that was fun for about 10 seconds wasn't it east carolina??

the collective feelings of vol nation

the dawgs continue to embarrass the sec

'dores = sec east champs. book it!!

poor aggie

the cream of the acc crop?? and hungry??

gravity does not affect this man

a great game, but auburn ain't done losin'

casey dick is...really something

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Friday, September 19, 2008

tide get ready to roll!!

a small test for my little good luck charm before big test next week.

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arkansas weekend forecast: mostly sunny with very slight chance of rain

accidentally left off of "love thine enemy"

finally we get down the sec nitty gritty with a visit to fayettnam. all of these freshmen will get a pretty quick wake up call as to what playing on the road in the sec is all about. i have heard more than one person refer to arakansas as the "worst 2-0 team in america." well those are some pretty strong words, but it is a shaky 2-0 at best. the only thing that has kept them from truly being exposed--after 2 close, come from behind wins over western illinois and ulm respectively--was hurricane ike postponing their game against texas. despite the close scores, the offense has shown some promise. who ever thought casey dick would have back to back 300+ yard, 2 td games (stafford is the only qb with a better rating in the sec)?? however they have yet to face a defense that can carry the jock of alabama. they will get their first test against quality blitzing and an sec caliber secondary. i don't have too much fear of the hawgs racking up rushing yards, so the focus is on dick and the brain of bobby petrino. speaking of petrino, with their next four against #9 bama, @ #7 texas, #4 florida, and @ #10 auburn. the falcons might be lookin' pretty good come mid-october. i look for the tide to be able to move the ball fairly well as arkansas' two previously mentioned opponents have. the offensive line is healthier than it has been the last two weeks, which is important b/c it appears jpw is only going to be worth a damn if he has lots of time. i would guess the goal is to take as much of the pressure of jpw as possible, so expect another steady dose of ingram and coffee toting the rock. tune into the final season of jefferson pilot to find out.

bama - 34
arky - 24

mel mcdaniel thinks this is bullshit

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

quick hits: that's a lotta beef edition

-a couple of programming notes you may have already been aware of: gameday will be comin' at you live and in color from lsu @ aubbie on saturday, and bama/uga will be the espn night game next saturday night.

-a couple interesting tidbits from stupac mandel. first he reviews all of the "sec showdowns" this weekend. he also has another mailbag up with a fake letter from an "ohio state fan" that i found pretty humorous.

Attention nation. We fans of Ohio State sincerely apologize for taking spots in the last two championship games, screwing the country out of competitive games they so rightly deserve. The rest of the country is and has been correct in our overrated-ness. We are sorry for our insistence that "this game will be different," and sorry for our snobbishness. On behalf of Buckeye Nation, we are pleased to announce that we have no such plans to ruin any more nationally televised games.
Ohio State University (In an addition to our apology, we are going to remove the "THE" from "The Ohio State University")
-- Mike, Columbus, Ohio

-lots of hype being drummed up for the saturday's battle between bama's 6'5" 365 lb d-lineman terrence cody and arkansas' 6'4" 314lb center jonathan luigs. that's a lotta beef.

-i'm actually kinda shocked at the lack of "who's the bigger scumbag petrino or saban" rhetoric this week. that being said, there is some talk on the subject out there. here is espn blogger chris low's take.

-i'm not one for talking shit, but this is pretty damn funny

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love thine enemy: arkansas

aahhh yes...finally we enter than bastion of smokin' hottie hot hots...the sec. first up...the root hawgs.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

fun with terrence "tiny" cody

as mentioned this morning, i don't have much time today, so here is a quick you tube post. check out 365lb nose tackle terrence "tiny" cody showing the boys from western kentucky that they may want to eat their wheaties the next time they come down to the sec.

tiny embarrasses a fellow 300 pounder, sending him flying

tiny takes on two o-lineman and a fullback...and wins.

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real life...she keepin' me bizzay

not sure how much blogging will get done today. it all started when the girlfriend had a blowout on the interstate yesterday. that always sucks. this on top of us preparing to house some ike refugees starting today and all the chores that come with that. then this morning, i almost run over a puppy in my parking lot as i pull in. by the time i get out of my truck he is already underneath it and whining. i picked him up and paraded him around the parking lot a time or two to make sure his owner wasn't around looking for him, but had no success. so he has no collar, was scared shitless, and my parking lot butts up to a VERY busy street. i wasn't leaving the little dude out there. let it be known that "little dude" is a relative term. i'm pretty sure he's half german shepherd/half rottweiler and he is a HOSS. as a matter of fact, that's what his name has been thus far..."hoss." so on top of the ike refugees, going through the proper channels to get hoss taken care of, and actually trying to get some work done, blogging may be on the back burner.

hoss!! (typical cell phone bullshit quality)

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