Friday, December 19, 2008

go east young man

as you read this i am on the road driving from dallas to tuscaloosa for the holidays. i'll be doing some hit and miss posting while i'm there. lord knows i'll have some free time. as you can tell from this morning i'll be doing my bowl picks at the very least, and i'll also be throwing in some other relevant stuff. things to look for this weekend...obviously bowl games, the nfl playoff picture taking shape, and on a local interest level, the final game in texas stadium. for those of you who have never been to texas stadium, it is easily the biggest dump in the nfl. having said that there is a tremendous amount of history there. i was personally in the house the day that emmitt broke the all time rushing record. i was also there 2 years ago when the saints put a beatdown on that ass. yet another reason texas stadium holds a special place in my heart is b/c it was my place of employment for the better part of my first two years out of college. despite that, i say implode that freakin' eye sore. in the meantime, i'm on the road... 8+ hours, 600 miles, and a 90 lb german shepherd. for that reason i give you some kick ass driving music. the late, great jerry reed with "east bound and down," b/c that's what i'll be doing, except with logan...not fred.

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