Friday, January 9, 2009

CHOMPions...get it??

the two headed monster

congratulations to the florida gators for winning their second bcs championship in 3 years. as most of you know, my sec loyalty extends to 11 of the 12 sec teams, and the gators are one of them. i couldn't help but notice a similarity in this game, and the last game the gators played against a team wearing crimson. the gators let them hang around for three quarters or so, letting the team and their fans believe there was a legit chance at victory, only for god's warrior to put the game on his back and crush their hopes and dreams in the 4th quarter. i always hate it when people start talking about "the greatest of all time" in the immediate aftermath of a sporting event, but where is god's warrior's place in cfb history?? i'm not saying he's the best, but he's pretty damn high on the list given the resume he has put together. is he coming back for even more??

ps: S-E-C...S-E-C...S-E-C...S-E-C...


Big said...

While Brown was doing his best "farva's number one" moment last night, because the hated sooners lost, all that was going through my head "great, now all the SEC blow hards get another stat to throw in your face."

Good game, congrates to Florida.

gerry dorsey said...

well i don't know if i'm a blowhard, but i am a loyal follower. i think even a big 12 fan has to feel that all the glory they built up during the regular season was pretty badly tarnished in the bowl season though.

and the s-e-c chant was more a joke than anything...though probably not completely.

Brown said...

hey, like i said yesterday, man. i would take a lifetime and legion of SEC fans chanting they're the best conference than a single Sooner fan touting Oklahoma

Joshua said...

If there was a sportsbook that offered wagers on the odds of you:

1. Not saying one word about Utah annihilating Bama.
2. Work Bama into the conversation about something they have nothing to do with, UF.

I would be a rich, rich man. Even if the odds weren't great and the juice was bad, I would still take it because it'd be easy money.

gerry dorsey said...

1. i have mentioned it in the comments of two separate posts. i also didn't go into great detail about last nights game. ya know why?? b/c we all know what happened.

2. so there isn't a single similarity there??

3. disregard #1 and #2 b/c i don't have to explain why my posts are bama-centric on a blog that is...write it down...BAMA-CENTRIC.

gerry dorsey said...

hey why do you guys keep talking about the lsu tigers over there on that blog titled lsu tiger bait??

Joshua said...

I'm just going to lump that outburst in with the one from Tigerbait and say it's that time of the month and lay off of you.

But if you need some tampons, I'm going by the store later.

DoubleK said...

I'm glad for the SEC, but I would have rather seen OU beat Tebow's ass into submission then listen to that garbage that was Fox Broadcasting and their gay love for Superman Tebow last night.
I hope he goes pro for the sake of not having to hear that crap next season.

gerry dorsey said...

there wasn't even an outburst in there. the caps was for empasis so i could help you understand. i guess i just figured that tigerbait covered the sugar bowl so well that i would just be wasting my time.

you can buy tampons, vagasil, summer's eve, and whatever else you want at the store, but none of it is for me.

and if you want to keep bringing up the "outburst," i'll be happy to keep dogging on your boy.