Friday, January 9, 2009

moving on

well there you have football season comes to a close. granted we still have nfl playoffs over the next couple weeks, but with no saints (shocker), that just doesn't float my boat like college football season...but i am very interested. in terms of the college sports fan, its now time for college hoops, and more specifically, conference play in college hoops. the tide kicks off the conference slate by welcoming lsu to t'town on sunday. both of these teams are highly mediocre, yet they still both stand a decent chance of winning their weak ass division. hell this game could actually be a very nice gauge for who is the favorite to do just that. i'm rarely one to call for a coach's head, so i'm not doing that, but mark gottfried's life at alabama is hanging in the balance this season. no invite to the big dance and he's toast. i really like gottfried, so i will always be torn on the subject, but the program has peaked under him and its time to move on if he can't get it done this year. for the record, i don't expect him to get it done this year. either way, i'll be there every step of the way b/c i'm a glutton for punishment (please refer to the fact that i'm a saints fan).

bama basketball: sometimes a picture IS worth 1000 words


Joshua said...

highly mediocre.....shit, I don't think there are better words for it than those.

Phocion said...

I got better words...Alabama Baseball. has to be better than the offerings inside Coleman.

Sir David said...

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