Wednesday, January 7, 2009

things i've learned this bowl season

-larry fedora is putting something together at usm. he has a dual threat qb who really seemed to start to figure things out as the year went on, and he's only a freshman. fedora will continue to recruit well (for usm) and continue to put an exciting brand of football on the field. oh yeah, and deandre brown's leg is FRA-GEEL-LAY. ever seen a leg break just by taking a step like that?? luckily he is expected by next season.

-tcu is the real deal. if they don't shit the bed @ utah, they finish with a mere one loss @ oklahoma. and oh by the way, they held the sooners to their lowest point total of the season. for reasons i can't figure out, nobody seems interested in hiring gary patterson who's senior class just finished winning 41 games in their 4 years. tcu fans thank you for your ignorance.

-notre dame actually CAN win a bowl game...and jimmy clausen is going to win the heisman next year.

-college football was a better place with pat white in it.

-no game exhibited the discrepency between the big, slow big 10 and the other bcs conferences like florida state smoking wisconsin.

-you might want to keep your eye on cal sophmore rb jahvid best. dat boy good.

-viva louisiana tech!!

-another one to keep an eye on is oregon qb jeremiah masoli. he went all tim tebow and completely embarrassed numerous members of the okie light secondary (see here
and here).

-even mississippi state v. auburn is more exciting than oregon state v. pitt.

-congrats to vandy. i can't lie, i thought the eagles were gonna roll you.

-i'm tired of hearing about how usc is the best team at the end of every season. if they didn't routinely take weeks off in september and october they'd get the chance to prove it on the field. for what its worth they were merely toying with penn state. i was like varsity v. the jv squad.

-did they play the orange bowl this year??

-fear houston nutt. fear him.

-ohio state's postseason run is approaching sad. however, i'm willing to bet terrell pryor will win a bowl game or two. he's gonna be a good one...unfortunately.

-our suspicions about the big 12 were right...they don't like defense. they don't like to play it, nor do they like to play offense against it. mizzou struggled against a very mediocre northwestern defense, oregon freakin' gashed okie light (see above), ole miss scored their highest point total of the season against texas tech, and the horns beat the buckeyes, but not without giving up a fair amount of points and yards to a so-so offense. if beanie wells doesn't get hurt, we may have a different story.

-which leads me to my thoughts on the final bowl game of the season. i think the gators will take care of business against the sooners. i think the versatile gator offense will slowly rack up points, but the difference will be the gator's ability to slow (not stop) the sooner offense.

gators 37
sooners 31


The Last Dragon said...

The USC loss this year really wasn't as bad as we all thought at the time.

Something I've learned. Howard Schnellenberger (kinda like Pat White) doesn't lose bowl games.

the big 10 sucks. and the acc isn't too good either.

Joshua said...

Gerry, a comment I kinda sorta addressed to you, but to all of us betwix these two blogs can be found at the end of the manly slapfight over at Tigerbait.

You know the one.

Joshua said...

The Southern Cal loss wasn't bad? They were skull fucked by a one dimensional, albeit well executed, rushing game. The Trojans were DO MIN ATE ED that night.

UF only kinda sorta fucked around with OM and ended up paying the price.

OU was pretty well beaten by Texas, that's why I think UT should be there. And then I say UT lost on the last play on the road against a foe that played by far their best game of the season.

If we're rating how bad a loss was, SOuthern Cal is at the bottom of that heap. Then OU, then Texas and UF. Oh and then there's Utah.

In short, SC belongs no where near the title discussion. Gerry nailed it. Those little shits don't bother talking, every time, until after the season. Before the Rose, it was "it's just an honor to play in this game versus such a great coach" after? "no one can beat us! we're the best!" STFU and GBTW Petey.

Dinglewood said...

What, no Bama talk? By the way...take the under in tomorrow night's game. There's no way in hell these teams score 75.

gerry dorsey said...

first of all dingle, to say there's "no way in hell" that the #1 snd #3 scoring teams in america (one of which has single handedly broken 60 like 6 straight times) can break 75 falls somewhere under the category of "pulling some shit out of your ass."

and secondly, you may want to find a new bookie. i haven't seen anyone offering a total that wasn't more like 69.5 or 70.

gerry dorsey said...

and joshy, i read your comment over there, and obviously you're right to a degree. look, we've had our differences, and we've called each other idiots, but it was never a big deal b/c we both realize that there is a greater than zero chance that we really are a couple of idiots. however your boy just comes off as very condescending and pompous. and that's no fun. and its not something i'm going to participate in anymore.

The Last Dragon said...

You LSU guys still harbor hatred for USC cuz they took half your title. Their loss may be the worst. But OSU isn't the piece of shit we thought at the time. And at a neutral site, USC has as good a chance as anybody of winning a playoff. They're good whether you want to admit it or not.

Joshua said...

Didn't say they weren't good. Just saying they fall somewhere around 5 or 6 is all.

Dinglewood said...

First off, it wasn't my bookie, but one of my buddy's at work. If you recall, the last official bookie bets that I made were LSU-Auburn, where AU kicked the crap out of LSU (remember when LD and I were both in Dallas at the time circa 2003ish), and on the day of my wedding betting the kentucky derby where my horse broke two legs and was turned into glue on the track. That probably says something about my opinions, but only two times in the BCS era have the teams scored 75 points or more. I just don't see OU putting up their usually gaudy numbers against the Gator-D, but I'll admit..."no way hell" was probably a stretch, but I still think that it is a low probability.

I still haven't heard any BAMA-UTAH recap! What gives?

gerry dorsey said...

utah showed up, bama never got off the plane.

-end of recap.