Friday, January 2, 2009

tide get ready to roll!!

soak it in kids, its the final good luck charm of the season.


Rollturds said...

"look, unless bama decides to drink every single hand grenade in the french quarter, or every single starter decides to go all "agenty" like andre smith, there is no reason for bama not to whip utah's ass."

Another of my favorites...

"If wishes were fishes, we'd all have a fry, if horse turds were biscuits we'd eat 'til we die."

Utah, really?!?

gerry dorsey said...

well guy with a name that is equal parts really creative and really hilarious...i stand by my statement. there really was no reason for bama not to whip utah's ass. are you saying utah is the better team?? or were they just better that night??

i also said "they (utah) have one major adavantage in this game...this is their super bowl. a few weeks ago the tide was 15 minutes away from a bcs championship berth, and now they have to regroup and give a shit about playing a team from the mountain west." guess they didn't do it.

thanks for stopping by rollturds. you really made some great points.