Friday, January 2, 2009

utah weekend forecast: mostly sunny with isolated showers

is that a "ute?"

look, unless bama decides to drink every single hand grenade in the french quarter, or every single starter decides to go all "agenty" like andre smith, there is no reason for bama not to whip utah's ass. they are bigger, stronger, faster, and have better coaching than utah. the aspect which you will notice this more than any other is in the trenches. the bama d-line actually weighs more (on average) than the utes o-line. you don't see that very often. and bama's o-line outweighs utah's d-line by an average of 43 freakin' pounds!! the utes are going to roll a d-lineman out there who weighs 245 lbs. terrence cody's left tit weighs 245 lbs. obviously the loss of andre will hurt, but i can't imagine it being a game changer. i also can't imagine any way the tide doesn't run the ball at will. jpw may not throw downfield all night, which is why i'm not even going to get into to mismatches at the skill positions...which are immense. with all that working against the utes, they have one major adavantage in this game...this is their super bowl. a few weeks ago the tide was 15 minutes away from a bcs championship berth, and now they have to regroup and give a shit about playing a team from the mountain west. as usual, i trust the saban to have them focused, but only time will tell.

bama 34
utah 17

get pumped up utah fan!!

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The Last Dragon said...

Smith thing worries me more than most people. he was to be matched up with their stud DE. hopefully it doesn't become an issue. you're still gonna post the traditional video right?