Wednesday, September 2, 2009

for max

because max made me fell all warm and fuzzy, and because i can barely contain the tingling in my college football loins right now, i am sticking my head out of my reclusive lair for a moment (but only for a moment). enjoy...or don't...but if you don' can suck it.

sec predictions:
florida 12-0 (8-0)
uga 8-4 (5-3)
tennessee 7-5 (4-4)
kentucky 7-5 (3-5)
vandy 4-8 (2-6)
south carolina 4-8 (2-6)

bama 11-1 (7-1)
ole miss 10-2 (6-2)
lsu 9-3 (5-3)
arkansas 7-5 (3-5)
auburn 5-7 (3-5)
miss state 4-8 (2-6)

champion - florida over bama (again)

my top 10: (because who really gives a shit about 11-25??)
1. florida
2. texas
3. oklahoma
4. bama
5. ohio state
6. usc
7. penn state
8. oklahoma state
9. georgia tech
10. ole miss

and of course, it wouldn't be uncle rico without showing thine enemy a little lovin'...

bama - 24
va tech - 16

why?? simply put?? b/c i don't expect va tech to be able to score very much with tyrod taylor and little to nothing else. i also expect greg mcelroy/the tide offense to surprise some people with his play this year, and that starts on saturday.


Max said...

I knew you could do it. Thanks, and thanks for the shout out!

The Last Dragon said...

i'm shocked at the number of vandy highlights in that video. they were wayyyyy too represented.

Phocion said...

Come on, it's okay to have missed the site. Hopefully there will be more posts in the future.

Joshua said...

And it wouldn't be a comment from me without telling you how shitty your preseason top ten is and always was/will be. Like you care right?

gerry dorsey said...

joshy i just wanted people to know i was still alive...b/c i know they were worried.

Johnny Utah said...

gerry are you avoiding posting until after the season? bama hasn't lost since your last post.