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Thursday, October 2, 2008

quick hits: so the best team in tennessee is in nashville??

-i've thought all along that rolando mcclain is a badass, but i had no idea just how widely held this opinion was. according to this article, bama fans had better enjoy rolando all they can this year and next, b/c the nfl will come callin' after that.

-an article about dreamland in the usa today?? yep. its seems that it is very en vogue to hate on dreamland of late. it means you're a super bama fan and you're way too smart/cool to get sucked into some tourist trap like dreamland. well i for one dig dreamland. are they the greatest ribs on earth?? probably not...but they're pretty good...and its still a pretty cool experience...just not on a game weekend.

-it appears that bama will be traveling to durham, nc to take on duke in 2010. i'm on board with this. although its not a HUGE nonconference matchup, duke is obviously on the way up, and its a helluva lot better than some directional school. interesting side note: the dukies play in wallace wade stadium...i.e. the same wallace wade that won 3 national championships as head coach at alabama in the 20's and 30's.

-for you bama fans into this sort of thing, daniel moore already had plans to do a painting in honor of the uga/bama game. which play do you think he'll use?? if you guessed the julio touchdown pass you were right. you had better start saving up if you want one.

-well as i'm sure you sec fans already know, the apocolypse is no doubt upon us as gameday will be in vandy on saturday. i'm sure it will be as rowdy as a senior center bingo game. be on the lookout for various gameday signs making fun of your gpa. but seriously, a solid little article here about bobby johnson bringing victories to nashville while the team maintains their grades.

-some hot sports opinions from johnny majors. he appears to try his best to not comment on the current state of tennessee fooball and phil fulmer...but then does it anyway. "frankly, I think (defensive coordinator) john chavis has saved his job for 10 years.” heyooooooo!! there are a couple other gems in there too.

the campus rock in knoxville after the florida game. ouch.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

well that was fun for a second

the vol's status as the number one team in the country barely lasted 24 hours. to the vol's credit, vandy is a scary team who can score with the best of them. last night it was vandy guard shan foster dropping 32 on the vols on 9-13 from the floor. for the vols, chris lofton was his normal self putting up 25 points draining 6 from behind the arc, but it wasn't enough. the win was the 18th straight at home for the 'dores...and why not...they have the most insane home court i've ever seen. have you ever paid attention to this place?? first of all the coaches/benches are along the endlines instead of the sidelines. this always makes it awkward for ref/coach interaction as it not only happens more often, but at odd times like during free throws. also, the front row of the crowd is below court level making the whole damn thing seem like some kind of rock concert or something. i find the whole thing disorienting as i'm sure many opposing teams do, no doubt contributing to vandy's home record.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

headin' to nashvegas

after a tasty ass whipping of some western carolina catamounts last week, bama gets its first taste of sec action...albeit vandy. but these ain't ya momma's commodores. hell i would at least place them above ole miss and miss state, and as the season rolls on they may pass a few more. chris nickson and earl bennett made quite a showing last saturday against the fightin' richmond spiders, but as questionable as the bama d might be...the richmond spiders they ain't. i'm sure the commodores will move the ball at times as the young bama defense still finds its way in lord saban's new scheme, but air applewhite will also further open up the playbook and get the ball to bama's playmakers in space. considering my score prediction, i guess bama will attempt 5 field goals...b/c that's how many it will take for leigh tiffin to make 2. or in a more likely scenerio he just misses and extra point to save some time. as a bonus, the nashville crowd will probably be 2/3 bama faithful.

prediction: 34-24 bama

no, not these guys...
these guys.

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